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Alan Affleck, Partner

Alan joined RSP in 1990 and has subsequently been a significant contributor to the development of the Practice. He has had considerable experience in a wide range of projects ranging from mission critical buildings such as Data Centres, to Laboratories, Leisure Centres, Offices, Educational Institutions and Visitor Attractions. Having an Energy Engineering background, he has been a driving force within the practice on renewable energy technology, energy audits and working with other team members to produce Low Energy designs. Alan has valuable experience in system proving, commissioning, building performance monitoring and ‘making buildings work’.


An advocate of early engagement with the rest of the Design Team, Alan’s approach to Design Team integration and the need for fast information flow to allow critical design decisions to be made has been recognized as a significant contribution to projects.  Alan also recognizes the importance of seeing buildings and projects from the users point of view, so simplicity of control and ease of maintenance are focused on within the whole design process. 

 Contact Alan:  

 T: +44 (0) 131 333 8000