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David Murray, Technical Director

Based between Aberdeen and Glasgow, David leads a team specialising in the design of infrastructure and design services within buildings and promoting low / zero carbon technologies. He is an industry recognised expert in all forms of renewables and advises a number of public and private sector organisations on their goals and options of lowering their carbon footprint.

David’s education includes degrees in Building Services and originally started his career ‘hands on’  as an electrician then as a gas engineer.   Much of his recent work has been with large infrastructure projects dealing with specialist contractors, combining expertise in complex design, and using construction methodologies that add substantial value to clients’ projects.

David is experienced in advising clients on their best solutions in projects and executing their instructions in an efficient and easily understood manner. He  pays great attention to detail and can adapt to different project types.  David has worked throughout the UK with RSP and also on International projects, including offshore works.

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                                                                                                  T: +44 (0) 141 419 9522   





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David Murray